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Theme and Color Bundles

Theme and Color Bundles
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Theme and Color Bundles
Here are planned theme and color bundles making it just a little easier for you. They are usually in packs of 5 fat quarters but also may be 3 fat quarters and some include other textures for more fun.

Lemongrass Tri Bundle
Here is a bundle of Medium Lemongrass,Magnificent Peacock and Darker Magenta Rose. This is a Triad Color Harmony with your Color Planning done for you!

6 slims , 2 of each color
Red Slims Tri Bundle
A pretty Tri Bundle of Country Red, True Blue and Avocado Heaven.

A Triad bundle with all the Color Planning done for you!

2 of each color
American Slims Tri bundle
Traditional Primary colors are a great Americana Theme. Here are Rich Red, Dary Royalty and Gold Bullion Sparkle.

2 of each color
Spring Green Slims Tri Bundle
A bright, cheerful bundle of Medium Fire Engine Red, Spring Green, and Dark Royalty. Consists of 2 slims in each color for a total of 6 slims.

A Triad Color Harmony with all the Color Planning done for you.
Santa Slims  Bundle
Great colors for doing a small Santa rug. 12 slims, 2 of each color

Dad's green, Mr. Mr. Snowman, Santa Red, Soft Black, Gold Bullion and Mrs Piggy.
Christmas Slim Bundle
A bundle of 12 slims featuring popular for Christmas. 2 of each color: Roasted Kale, Santa Red, Olive Elf, Joy of Merlot, Blue Violet Dreams and Gold Bullion.
Garden Party I Slim Bundle
Here are 12 slims with a range of colors to hook a small flower rug. It's all covered - flower center, leaves, flowers and background!

Colors: Darker Hibiscus, Rose Green Leaves, Teal Horizons, Medium Fire Engine Red, Midnight Delight, and Apricot jam
Autumnal Bundle
This is a lovely warm, cheerful bundle of 5 Fat Quarters consisting of , ( Top to Bottom) Fire Engine Red, Dark Tomato Spice, Joyful Orange, Mango Passion and Kumquat Jubilee.
Regular price: $85.00
Witching Hour
This a bundle of 5 fat Quarters consisting of (top to bottom) Apricot Jam, Purple Joy, Joyful Orange, Pistachio and Ebony Sparkle. You gotta love the colors of Halloween!
Regular price: $85.00
Christmas Bundle
This is a 5 fat Quarter bundle consisting of (top to bottom) Roasted Kale, Apple of My Eye, Blue Violet Dreams, Gold Bullion and Joy of Merlot.
Regular price: $85.00
Santa Bundle
A bundle created to hook a Santa with some greenery and gold. This consists of 6 Fat Quarters (Dad's Green, Mr.Mr. Snowman, Santa Red, Soft Black, Gold Bullion, Mrs. Piggy) and 1 slim of Medium Mrs. Piggy for flesh shadows. Except for Mrs. Piggy, all of the colors are available in a Sparkle version. The Sparkle version is listed and all except mrs. Piggy will be a sparkle. If you just want one or 2 in the Sparkle version , please a note that you want to substitute that color with sparkle.
In My Garden I
This pack includes 5 Fat Quarters of My true Love, Dark Roustabout Turquoise, Rose Green Leaves, Lime Margarita, Dark Hibiscus wool with 1 Skein Purple Sari ribbon and 1 Skein Multi Colored Silk yarn. A pretty and fun pack to play with.
In My garden II
This is a pretty bundle of 5 Fat Quarters consisting of ( Top to Bottom) Corn Pudding, Bright Evergreen, Dark Roustabout Turquoise, Bright Red, African Violet 1 Skein Eyelash Sari, and 1 Skein of Multi Colored Silk yarn.