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New Hooks

New Hooks
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Ritchie Acrylic marble Spring Loaded Proddy Hook
Ritchies Spring Loaded Proddy Hook now available in Marbleized Acrlic and gorgeous!
Miller Fat Stainless Vinyl Pencil
A fat version of the stainless pencil that is so well loved. A little shorter than the regular pencil.
Ritchie Laminated Acrylic Pencil Hook
Now available in 4 sizes! Ritchies beautiful hand turned laminated acrylic pencil hook. The picture does not do these gorgeous hooks justice! In various colors including red, golden yellow, orange, turquoise and green with Brass shanks. Let me choose for you or email me for current availability of colors.
Hook Size: 
Miller Super Fat Vinyl Stainless Pencil
The same as the loved stainless pencil hook but "Super Fat". One size for 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10 plus cuts