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Miller Hooks

Miller Hooks
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Product Description

Beautiful and comfortable, these are the finest hooks available for the serious rug hooker.

These wonderful hooks are perfect for the primitive rug hooker. Hand Forged for comfort and easy hooking, the special tapered shank creates an extra-large hole for ease in pulling up loops. This hook is also excellent for rug hookers with sore hands or wrists as the large shank can reduce muscle strain and fatigue.

Miller Cocobolo Fat Shank G
Miller Cocobolo Pencil Hook Fat Shank A
Stainless Pencil Hook
This wonderful hand-forged stainless steel hook is a huge favorite among rug hookers.

It was designed and created by Nancy Miller of Miller Rug Hooking to be comfortably held like a pencil rather than gripped in the palm. This hook is designed with a tapered shaft that enlarges the hole in the backing to allow for strain-free pulling of loops. The result is hours of enjoyable pain-free hooking.

Available in four sizes for strips of all widths: Fine, Medium, Coarse and Primitive. Purchase several sizes!
Miller Fat Stainless Vinyl Pencil
A fat version of the stainless pencil that is so well loved. A little shorter than the regular pencil.
Miller Super Fat Vinyl Stainless Pencil
The same as the loved stainless pencil hook but "Super Fat". One size for 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10 plus cuts
Miller Short Palm Cocobolo Handle 115N
Last Fall I taught a class with all beginners and I always encourage my students to try different hooks till they find what is most comfortable. The right hook really makes a difference in your hooking. Half of the class chose this hook. Made of beautiful cocobolo wood.