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Lime Margarita

Lime Margarita
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Lime Margarita
If you are looking for a bright splash or poison you've found it here. It's about the happiest of all my wool. It has subtle splashes of spring green, yellow green and orange yellow. It's main color is "pure" chartreuse. It was new in 2014 for leaves in a field of poppies. I have used this myself as an outline for darker leaves and love the look. Especially pretty with Red Violet, Purple flowers.

Wool Club Issue 6 4/17

$4.00, 12/$40.00
$7.75, 12/$77.50
$18.50, 5/$85.00
Lime Margarita 1/2 Yard
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00