Whimsical Designs for Rug Hooking
The art of traditional rug hooking has been around for hundreds of years, still being done today as it was in the beginning, with a simple hook and strips of cloth. A fiber art that has no boundaries for creativity and imagination.

Fluff and Peachy Bean Designs was launched in October 2003 by Nancy D Jewett, a self taught artist and proud 4th generation Vermonter. All of Nancy's hand drawn designs are inspired by her imagination, life stories, words and quotes with her sense of whimsey. Her abiding love and joy for music, nature, animals and unwavering belief in focusing on the abundance and beauty in life is reflected in her patterns.

The unusual name of Fluff and Peachy Bean Designs came from two women she says she was blessed to have in her life. Her mother -Fluff- was so named by her father at birth as she was a preemie at just over 2 lbs. He referred to her as a 'fluff of a thing' and it stayed with her throughout her lifetime. It was her mother-in law, Peachy Bean, who taught her to hook in the 80's. For Nancy these talented, wise, strong, generous and loving women, who loved their families above all else, were the center of her world. She has wonderful memories spent with them cooking, sewing, sharing wisdom and stories, always sprinkled with love, laughter and joy. She chose to pay tribute to them, keeping their spirits alive through her work.

Nancy has great fun with the ideas that come to her and hope they bring you a smile, some comfort and heaps of joy while you hook.

Our contact information

By email:nancy@fluffpeachybeandesigns.com

By standard mail:
Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs
1736 Wheeler RD, Brandon, VT 05733
By phone:
802-247-0089(between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time Zone


Shipping Information:

Please allow 10 - 14 business days for delivery

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Refund on unused patterns & uncut wool within 30 days. Email or contact through phone at 802-247-0089 for refund info.

Frequently Asked Questions: Yes, we do custom designs and will gladly make some size adaptions to most patterns. Tell us a story and we'll draw you the story in a pattern. Our pets are cherished and we'd love to help you create a loving tribute to yours by drawing a custom pattern just for you.