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How Much Wool Do I Need?

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So many times I hear about miscalculating the amount of wool needed and running out. If you can't remember where you got the wool or they only dyed it once, what do you do? My theory is based on the size cut you use and the area you are hooking. The larger cut you use the more wool it takes. Your loops should be as high as your worm/noodle is wide thus, the need for more wool. Fold your wool ( I'll use a fat quarter as an example) into the number of layers that match your cutter #. For example if using a #6, using a fat quarter, fold it into 6 layers and place over the area you are hooking. Keep placing it around your rug where you are using the color. If 1 placement covers the area you need, you need 1 fat quarter, if you need to place it 3 times to cover the area it is hooked, then you need 3 fat quarters. Using a #8 cut, fold your wool in 8 layers. and place accordingly. I hope this helps you!

Other factors that determine how much wool you need includes, how close you hook, if you're a packer you'll need more. If you hook really high, you'll need more wool.

Think about how you hook and my theory; you should be able to come up with a pretty accurate amount needed.