Whimsical Designs for Rug Hooking
Premium Hand Dyed Wool
Click on a color and you will be taken to all the names of wool in that color. There you will see the sizes available.

A note from happy hookers:

I received my wool . I am speechless! The wool is so outstanding. The most gorgeous wool I have ever seen. Here's to the best colorist I have ever had. Happy weekend. Sandi H. FL & IL. 3/19/20

YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!! As my dad would have said!!! Perfect sunset!!!! Thank you so so much! Carolyn C from Hadley MA

Patty B. from California asked me to color plan a rug for her and here is a note from her. " The combination of colors is fabulous but I have always loved hooking with your wool. It is hands down the best quality wool I've used and I find that makes the process that much more enjoyable. I'm already looking into the future and working with you to color plan the next one" 8/3/2018

" Just wanted to let you know that I took several of your wools to rug camp for a rug I was working on. The moment I took them out of my bag people came across the room to find out where I got them. Your dyeing is superb and use of your wool ensures a visually superb rug. Thank you for what you do!" Linda I Colorado 4/29/17

Our exquisite hand dyed 100% wool available by the yard,half yard, fat quarter,slims, long slims and long value swatches. You will notice that each swatch color has a series of numbers in the description. These numbers are color identifiers based on the Ives Color Wheel which is based on 24 colors and used by the textile industry. By using the 3 In 1 Color Tool ( available in Supplies and Goodies For You) you will see the color of my wool as closely as possible. Here's how you use the numbering system; find a wool of mine you like, notice the color number, go to the 3 in 1 Color Tool and find the coordinating color by matching numbers. There you will see the true color of my wool.The 3 in 1 Color Tool shows you "pure" color, "tint" (color with white), "shade" ( color with black ) and "tone" ( color with gray )for each of the 24 colors. This helps you see how colors change with the addition of black and gray in particular.

A Note about Color: We all see color differently and lighting changes color. It's not simple! I've done my best to match my wool to the color samples of the Ives Color Wheel and yet you may see it a little differently.The lighting can make a difference in the color so I use an Ott Lite to identify my wool. The dye bath's can also vary from dye batch to dye batch. There are so many variables in the dyeing process and our perception of color. I am careful but there will be some discrepancy.I suggest you purchase a bit extra for your project if this matters to you.

Spot Dyes: My favorite dye technique! This is the use of 3 or more dye colors used in creating an effect of multiple colors on one piece of wool. This can be subtle or spectacular!

Abrash: The use of one dye color used in a technique that creates variations in value on the fabric. This creates nice movement when hooked.

Wool Sizes Available: Slims - approximately 4 in. x 16 in.

X Long Slims - approximately 4 in. x 32 in. - punch hookers like these for the extra length

Fat Quarters - approximately 14 in. x 32 in. (cut the long way for those who are using the wool for braiding)

1/2 Yards - approximately 28 in. x 32 in.

Yards - approximately 57 in. x 32 in.

Pricing - you will notice the pricing also list multiples such as for slims; 3.75 12/37.50. this means you can purchase 12 different colors of slims for the special pricing, same for fats, 1/2 yard and yards.