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Confetti Border Rug Hooking Magazine June/July/August 2021

Confetti Border Rug Hooking Magazine June/July/August 2021
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This article was on the Confetti Border idea developed a few years ago. I've played with it and tried various versions. I love the look and will continue to play with other versions. So many possible looks with this technique.

Free Pattern - Lily

This pattern was designed for my Color Planning Class at the Spring Has Sprung Workshop & Hook In. (see Classes for more info) for a more complex Color Harmony. This pattern has endless possibilities for fun in colors, textures and embellishments.It is a design that would work well for using up your worms. Whether you prefer Traditional Folk Art or Contemporary this pattern will do both well. What a beautiful pillow or purse this would be!

Confetti Border: To begin your confetti border, hook 1 row of your base border color all around. In the second row hook 3-6 loops of one of your colors form the center of your rug, then hook 3 -6 loops of your border color. Repeat for this second row mixing up your colors. It works best if you are consistent with the number of loops for your confetti colors and border color. For 3 rd row hook one row using border color only. For 4th row repeat the 2nd row of confetti colors. Your last row should be only your border color.

If you love pillows but don't know how to sew, my friend and amazing seamstress Pat does a beautiful job. As a seamstress myself, I can say with authority her work is beautiful. Contact her at:

Just Sew Pat Santner - patriciasantner@yahoo.com

A great sized project at 12 in. x 12 in.
A simple, single lily that will showcase this beautiful flower. You can do a white lily with a dramatic background or choose one of the many beautiful colors they come in. Such an elegant cheerful flower.

Colors Used: Blackberry Smash, Dark Dolly's Orchid, Majestic Purple. Dark Blooming Purple, Purple Luster, Shaded Deep Rose, Dolly's Orchid, Blooming Purple, Pistachio, Dark Pistachio, Light Avocado Heaven, Budding Spring, Orange Delight, Spring Foliage, Purple Royalty & Mahogany Rooster.

Lily was designed & hooked for an article in Rug Hooking Magazine - J/J/A 2021 "Confetti Borders".

Pattern on Linen

Size: 10in. x 15 in.
Balloon Flower II
This is a version of Balloon Flower, made a bit smaller and with a border added. This is one design I really love that has such great possibilities. The flower can be hooked with a Dip Dye, or give that appearance by choosing 3 analogous colors, one dark, one medium and one light value and finger them together. Then pull your motif colors out to the border.

This rug was part of an article for Rug Hooking Magazine - J/J/A - "Confetti Border" . Hooked by Judith Hotchkiss - Deer Isle, Maine.

Colors Used: Orange Jubilee, Light Geranium, Santa Red, Serenity, Cool Breeze, Moonlit Seas, Phthalo Green, Budding Spring, Lime Margarita, Spring Foliage, Dark Kiwi Chiffon, Dark Americana Blue, Long 8 Value Swatch of Purple Luster,

Pattern on Linen

Size: 16 in. x 16 in.
Hooked by Nancy Jewett

Designer: Kim Nixon

Available through: Honey Bee Hive

This rug was featured in an article I wrote for Rug Hooking Magazine J/J/A 2021, titled "Confetti Borders"

Size: 11.5 x 16

Colors used, all Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs Colors:

Background - Diane's Snow

Border: Purple Royalty

Leaves and stems: Jiminy Cricket, Pistachio

Fuchsia Sunflower: Fuchsia Glads swatch, Delphinium Nights swatch, Transition swatch Fuchsia Glads Delphinium Nights

Simple Shading: Using a 6 - 8 Value Swatch, Start with either lightest or darkest value and hook petals from center to outside edge using 1 value for each row. You would the values in order that is: going from Darkest to Lightest or vice versa. Its a fun way to get started.
Woolly Welcome
Design Name: Woolly Welcome Desingner: John Leonard Hooked By: Bonnie Roycewicz - Fort Anne, NY

Bonnie hooked this as my student for part of my McGown Teachers Certification. This rug was also featured in an article I wrote for Rug Hooking Magazine J/J/A 2021 - "Confetti Borders"
Williams Antique
Hooked By: Nancy Jewett

Designer: kay Forbush

Available through: Honey Bee Hive Rugs