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Butterfly Magic

Butterfly Magic
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Butterfly Magic
I have always thought Butterflies as Magical! From their beginnings as an egg on the underside of a leaf to Caterpillar to Chrysalis and the great struggle to emerge from that Chrysalis as a beautiful Butterfly. There are multiple choices for hooking this pattern. You can do as a Botanical type with the traditional Milkweed flower using either Pale Pale Sable or Pale Ale or Elegant Marble for the background, Gently Red for the flower,Serenity and Spring Foliage for leaves & Olive Elf for flower stems, Shadowed Ground for Chrysalis, Purple Royalty or Soft Black & Mr MR Snowman for border with Pale Granny Smith or Paler Spring Green for accent green in Border. There are also Orange and Golden Yellow Butterfly weed plants that would be fun to hook with Twinkling Sky for the background.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 18 in. x 30 in.


Butterfly Magic Kit
Here are the colors I would use to hook this lovely rug in a kit made easy for you. Kit includes pattern on linen, hand dyed wool,metallic strip for Chrysalis, basic directions, color placement chart, color photo, whipping yarn, cording & twill tape.

This is for the traditional Milkweed with 2 values of Twinkling Sky for the background. Options are with Traditional Milkweed and "Oatmeal Cookie" for the background ( a neutral). The Orange Butterfly Weed with Twinkling Sky for background and the Golden Yellow Butterfly Weed with Twinkling Sky background.

Colors for Traditional: 3 values Gently Red, Serenity, Spring Foliage, Olive Elf, Pale Granny Smith, Shadow Ground, Metallic Gold, Soft Black, Fireball, Orange Jubilee, Brilliant Goldfinch, 2 values Twinkling Sky and Purple Royalty.

Golden Yellow Butterfly Weed: Mango Passion substituted for Gently Red

Orange Butterfly Weed: Blood Orange substituted for Gently Red

Botanical Traditional: Same colors except Oatmeal Cookie is substituted for Twinking Sky for background