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Blue Violet 12

Blue Violet 12
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Americana Blue
Bali Seas
Bali Seas has quite a lot of movement in color and values. There are splashes of Blue Violet, Blue,Violet,Red Violet and Chartreuse. It has medium values to dark dark values.

Spot Dye

Wool Club Issue 17 1/ 20
Blue Love
A lovely piece in the true blue family. Blue Love is a mix of medium to medium dark values with a subtle splash of Blue Violet. A hard one to keep in stock as it's quite versatile and useful. A good stash builder. If you want a blue sky this would be a good choice. It would mix well with Heavenly Waters for some lighter values and nice movement. It was requested to do an abrash version of Blue Love and that is called Blue Love/A. It's quite pretty and in between Blue and Blue Violet.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 11-20,12-13

Blue Love/A- Ives Color: Close to Blue Violet 13-13
Blue Love /A
The original Blue Love is a spot dye and I had a request for an Abrash that was a combo of the colors. This is a lovely Blue Violet and a darker color. A versatile color that will go well with many bright color. This would be a nice alternative for a Sunflower rug using the Blue Love A for the background. The Golden Yellow Sunflowers would stand out beautifully. This color would also be pretty with Reds, Magenta's and Fuchsia's and I would use Granny Smith, Spring Green or Mint Julip for the greens.

Ives Color: Blue Violet 12 -16

Photo Inset: Medium Blue Love A
Blue Suede Shoes
This is one of the most useful and pretty pieces in the color family of Blue Violet.

There are multiple values to choose from and mix together.

Also Available: Pale Blue Suede Shoes, Light Blue Suede Shoes, Dark Blue Suede Shoes


Ives Color: Blue Violet 12 - 11, 12 - 12
Blue Violet Dreams
This is a lovely piece and one of my favorites in this color family. There is movement with subtle splashes of purpleand Violet. It goes so well with many of the jewel tone colors in my color palatte. A great choice for a darker background.

Spot DyeIves Color: Blue Violet 12 -11, 12-12,12-15,
Classy Navy
The name says it all. A beautiful rich warm navy. Gorgeous with it's Compliments in Golden Yellow or a Triad Color Theme of Classy Navy ( Blue Violet 12) with Orange Red 20 and Spring Green 4. Use the Orange Reds for flowers, Spring Greens for foliage and Classy Navy for the background or some other Blue Violet such as Blue Violet Dreams or Wedgewood Love.


Ives Color: 12-18

Deep Sea
This is a pretty bright Navy. There are 2 values available and a value swatch. Deep Sea is a great border or background color. Pair it with it's compliment of Golden Yellow. Some great choices in that color family are Just Duck, Corn Pudding and Gold Bullion.

Please note Deep Sea is darker than it appears in the photo. Reference the 3 In 1 Color Tool to Blue Violet 12-17 for a better depth of color.


Ives Color Family. Blue Violet 12 - 17
Midnight Delight
This piece came about from a request. This is a lovely dark color for backgrounds and borders. There are splashes of blue, purple and black over a navy ground. It will pop your colors nicely. Mix it with Black Grapes, Classy Navy, Deep Sea and Pipers Midnight. Be bold and mix all these together for one lovely background or border.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: Blue Violet 12-18, 13-18,
Moonstone is a soft piece and makes a great sky with lovely movement. Use Dark Moonstone for a darker sky or mix the 2 together for greater movement.
Periwinkle Delight
This is a deep, highly saturated color and so lush! Similar to Delphinium Night but clearer and a bit brighter. I think this color Violet - 13 is a great color to have in your stash. They are versatile colors and go with so many other colors. Because it is a cool color it will not take over as the warm colors do. The swatch would be beautiful flowers! The lighter values would be great to add depth in water.


Ives Color: Violet 13-16, Dark Periwinkle Violet 13-17

Photo Inset: Pale Periwinkle Delight
Piper's Midnight
Piper's Midnight was retired for awhile and brought back per request. It is a lovely dark with subtle color movement.A wonderful background, border or night sky for which it was originally developed. Mix it with Black Grapes for even more movement. Also available dyed over Dorr's Sparkle for those wishing a sparkly night sky. I wash and dry the sparkle wool before dyeing to help it tighten more as it is a loser weave than the rest of the wool I use. Of it's Compliments it is pretty with Daffodil Sherbet.


Ives Color:13-18
This a lovely blue. it is close to a Royal color, just a bit lighter and softer. A wonderful versatile blue for your stasch. It's a great color for representing that blue/white look. I haave it listed with Blue Violets but it is slightly less "violet".


Ives Color: 12 - 13
Ives Color: 12-12 - 11
Tis Royalty
A new addition this year that has been quite popular. This blue is VERSATILE! You will use it time and time again. It is softer than a true royal blue, hence it's versatility. It would be nice for the blue in patriotic themes.

Wool Club Issue 1 - 1/16

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 12-12, 12-13, 12-14
Inky Twilight